• The Career of Dermatologist, Dr. Tasso Pappas

  • Posted on April 24, 2018

  • For whatever reason, when Dr. Tasso Pappas was growing up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, he already knew that he would embark on a career in which he would help people live better lives. Given that he is now a prominent dermatologist, he seems to have guessed right. Dr. Pappas sees being a dermatologist as something like being a detective of sorts, since he always has to discover the answers to complex riddles and mysteries about what caused a patient’s skin condition.

    It is the case that Dr. Tasso Pappas loves being in the dermatology field. He likes having the opportunity to care for patients of all ages and types and walks of life and he loves that dermatology is among the few types of medicine in which physicians must understand a lot more than medical facts and science; they have to understand each ailment as it applies to each patient as an individual. That is why, when Dr. Tasso Pappas practices out of his office at Skin Care Doctor’s in Burnsville, Minnesota, where he has been since December 2015, his patients usually feel better.

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